Three more Mesas

I made a new Seamwork Mesa last week and got inspired to make my first Mesa wearable again and realized that my new dress was the 10th time I'd made that pattern!  This post shows off 3 that I made pretty much exactly as the pattern is drafted.

This is the latest one, made from a cotton lycra that I got as part of a bargain lot from Girl Charlee.

The only change to the pattern is I shortened the neck band piece by a couple inches.  The way it's drafted is just not good.

I decided to use a decorative stitch for the sleeve hems.  

I also started to use it on the dress hem but I ended up being surprised to run out of top thread.  I didn't have another spool, but there was still a good amount in the bobbin, so I moved it to the top thread and used a grey thread for the bobbin to finish the hem with just a zigzag stitch.

This blue striped fabric is a cotton jersey also from Girl Charlee.  I made this dress back around August 2017 and wear it often.

The neck band was shortened a bit, but could be a bit tighter still and I used a band around the sleeves instead of hemming them.

I don't remember where I got this animal print fabric, but it's a cotton lycra.  I made this one way back in May 2017 and I managed to include a couple photos of it in my MMMay post that year.

If I remember correctly, this was the second one I made.  I hadn't smartened up about the neck band yet, but somehow it just worked with this one.  Or at least it isn't bad enough for me to notice.  I also used bands on the sleeves of this one too.  That just feels easier to me than hemming for some reason.


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