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Top 5 of 2019

Top 5 Hits

The 5 most worn or most loved makes from my year.

  • Bioshock splicer cosplay (unblogged) -- I'm not sure if I'll blog about this, but I joined a group that does occasional cosplay photoshoots and I've been to a few.  This one was for a horror themed shoot and I went as one of the enemies from one of my favorite games of all time, Bioshock.  Below is a few inspiration images and a couple shots I got that day.  My amazing makeup was done by Bunni of Rain City Cosplay.  The dress was a hacked version of the Jalie Bella bodice with just a gathered skirt that was then cut to look ripped up.

Top 5 4 Misses 

Well, I only have 4 things I'd call a miss and one of those I don't even think was REALLY a miss, just could have been done better.

  • emerald ball dress -- This past spring, I went to my dance competition, which was held in Seattle this year, so the awards night dinner had the theme of "Emerald Ball."  I had this image of a gorgeous drape neck, shimmery gown in my head.  So I frankenpatterned something together.  I'm pretty sure it was really the fabric choice more than anything that let me down.  I wore it, but felt super uncomfortable about the quality of my dress the entire night.  I only got a couple bad photos of it and this was the best of them.

It did end up finding new life as my dress for a Poison Ivy cosplay, so that's the silver lining.

  • Off white summer cover up -- I don't hate it, but this fabric is too still to make this something I thing looks good enough to wear.  I use it for a housecoat when it's too warm to wear my usual hoodie all day.
  • retreat blackwood -- another I don't hate and I actually wear.  But I chose to topstitch the band seam allowances for the sleeve and the bottom hems and it ended up stretching those seams out so that they don't sit nicely anymore.  Lesson learned!

  • Pikmin cosplay -- This was a group cosplay based on some art by @savannahalexandraart that was itself based on the video game Pikmin.  It isn't horrible, but the fit isn't great, especially in the bust, and I wish I had done better.  Photos courtesy of @josh_shot_photo.

And here is one of the group shots.  
Red: me!
Yellow: @lady.riina
Olimar: @_wabbit
Purple: @cosplay_and_cupcakes
Blue: @abbycatcosplay

Top 5 4 Highlights

I can only think of 4 things.
  • American Sewing Guild 4 day retreat - I attended a 4 day retreat put on by the Seattle chapter of the ASG in the fall.  It was in a beautiful setting where we were served 3 super delicious meals every day and I met so many amazing new sewing friends.
  • Seattle Frocktails -- I forced my shy self to go out by myself to a social situation!  Luckily a few people I had just met at retreat were there, so I had a couple people I felt comfortable with right away and by the end f the night, I had made a few more friends!
  • joined a cosplay group - It's a female only group.  I enjoyed the photo shoots I made it to this year and I hope to do many more next year.  I already have some fun plans!

  • I came in 2nd place in smooth scholarship at dance-o-rama!!  I was so proud of this!  It's my best placing to date.   

Top 5 Goals

I don't have a lot to say about these except that they are my vague goals for 2020.
  • Be better at planning for big events.
  • Make pants.
  • Make a new smooth dance dress
  • Make a coat.
  • Go to more social sewing events!