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Me Made May 2017 Pledge

I haven't posted in a while, mostly because I haven't really made much that I'm super proud of.  Since my last post I made another Blackwood Cardigan just like my blue one but this time in a lovely mango sophia double knit that I picked up from the sewing expo.  I do love that sweater and both of my Blackwoods get heavy rotation in my wardrobe and will likely be seen in my MMM photos this year.  (In fact, I'm wearing my blue one today.)

I also managed to throw together a couple costume pieces that I'm definitely not proud of, but got the job done.  And as it would be I don't have any photos of either costume, but I do have this video of my Ursula dance wearing a dress I put together using the Jalie Bella dress pattern.

I took out a lot of width in the skirt flares and just didn't sew the panels all the way to the bottom to make the panels somewhat resemble tentacles.  I cut two of the center front panel, adding a seam allowance, and hacked it into a sweetheart neckline with a purple netting at the neckline and sleeves.  I hacked this together quickly the day of the event and I didn't finish the edges, so the netting at the neckline has all run.  I also split the center back panel so that I could add a zipper to the back.  This dress uses the leotard from the same pattern so that I don't have to wear separate dance pants.

Now for the main topic of my post today.  Me Made May 2017!  I signed up with a realistic pledge a while ago, and, of course, I hoped (and still do) that I'll be able to make and/or alter some items to fill in where my wardrobe is lacking this month.  But here is the pledge I made:

So that's my pledge.  I'm going to do the best I can.  I have a few dresses that still look ok on me -- my Monetas and my Wrens.  I made my first Wren knowing that I was going to be losing a lot of weight, so I intentionally made it a size smaller than I would have otherwise at the time, so that helped.  And I think the Monetas just were snug enough that they just are a little loose now.

Here's a photo of what I wore yesterday on May 1.  It's the first Kitschy Coo Lady Skater that I made.  A wearable muslin.  I took a relaxation day after my dance competition last weekend, so I was just lazying around the house and running errands, so I didn't mind that it was fairly loose on me.

And this is today.  A Moneta and my blue Blackwood.

I will be back to document more me-made outfits soon.

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