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Blackwood in Blue

It's been a while since I've posted.  I've not done much sewing lately because I've been moving and getting my new house put together and also getting my old house fixed up and ready to rent out.  I'm still in the middle of both of those tasks, but when Helen from Helen's Closet contacted me about testing out her new pattern, I jumped at the opportunity and made it work, even with my new sewing room still in boxes.

The Blackwood Cardigan is a close fitting sweater that is designed to be worn open in the front.  View A extends to mid-thigh with patch pockets, while view B ends at the hips.  The sleeves are designed to be long and end mid palm, not at the wrist, which I love.

I made view A from a cotton sweatshirt fabric.  When I made the pockets, I thought it would be fun to add a little decorative stitching detail.

The upper sleeves are slightly tight on me, but also, my fabric barely has the required 40% stretch, so another fabric would be better.  However, for my next version I'll be doing a full bicep adjustment.

There are a few wrinkles at the lower back, even after trying to smooth it out, so I'm going to see about doing a sway back adjustment, although I've never attempted it on a pattern that doesn't have a waist seam.

I love this sweater and I have worn it quite a bit.  I really need to make a few more because I'm cold all the time at work now and other than this sweater, I only have hoodies to keep warm.

The Blackwood Cardigan pattern is 20% off for the first week, so go pick it up.  But hurry, because the sale ends March 6th.