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Top 5 of 2020


I try to do these every year, but since I'm so bad about blogging my makes, I often do the year end summary about items I haven't written up yet.  No worries, this year will be the same.  But as I was working on this post, I did go back and update previous years to link to any blog posts done later. 

Top 5 Hits

The 5 most worn or most loved makes from my year, shown in the order they were finished.
  1. NYE Dress - This was actually made at the very end of 2019, but I had already published my top 5 for the year.  I used the Seamwork Kenedy pattern slimmed down below the hips to be more of a straight dress and a gold/black flip sequined fabric and I combined a gold and a black fringe to make a couple rows of rows of fringe at the bottom by just sewing them one on top of the other.  Everything else I wore was from Amazon.  

  2. Greenstyle Clara - I did both of these for contests and I love them both so much!

  3. Itch to Stitch Causeway Bomber - this reversible jacket is definitely among my top favorite makes of all time.

  4. Pattern Emporium Palazzo Pants - these are flattering and fun.

  5. Mom's Suki - I hacked the Helen's Closet Suki Robe to have a high/low hem and a band that goes all the way to the bottom.  I lengthened the sleeves and added fringe to the bottom.  I really love how it turned out.

Top 5 Misses 

I didn't make a ton of things this year, so it's not like I hate these makes, but they are certainly the least successful of what I did manage to produce.
  1. Fab Forty Shirt - Early in the year I tested the Fab Forty Shirt from Annelaine Patterns.  I made 2 of them and the first one was pretty cute.  The second on I thought it would be fun to use glittery elastic for the crossed shoulder straps.  I also used a stiffer knit and the neckline just doesn't drape right and just bows out and looks strange.  Plus, the elastic is not comfortable.  

  2. SSE Seattle Shirt - I just really don't like this shirt.  I'm 85% sure it's because of the fabric and not the pattern, but I just haven't given it another go yet.

  3. Seamwork Skipper - There are a few things wrong with this dress, but the most annoying is the hood is enormous and just isn't practical to actually wear.

  4. Sew Liberated Lichen Duster - This duster looks great from the back, but the front is a mess.  I don't like the insets -- they are just awkward to assemble an I'm not crazy about how they look.  I also didn't do well with the shawl collar and the entire front edge and so it doesn't sit right without me needing to constantly fiddle with it.

  5. Paprika Zircon - I made this with a pretty drapey knit and I think it turned out better than it probably should have.  I also underlined it and the two layers don't hang correctly together.  So, at some point, I will probably undo the hem and let the dress hang for a while to settle out before re-hemming.

Top 5 Highlights

  1. I got to go to the Sew Expo!  This was the very last scheduled event that I was able to go to before the world shutdown.  I remember vaguely thinking that it seemed a little risky at the time, but nothing had been canceled yet at that time. 
  2. We finally had cabinets put into the strange alcoves in our living room and they already feel like they've been there forever.

  3. Had deck refinished.  We let our poor deck go way too long without maintenance, so we needed to have several boards replaced and had the whole thing painted with a resurfacer paint.

  4. Got back into crochet - I made 3 blankets and a few other random things and I'm in the middle of some blocks for another blanket.

Top 5 Goals

Before we start, I would like to briefly comment on the status of last year's sewing goals.

  • Be better at planning for big events. I didn't get much chance to practice this! But I did participate in a few sewing contests, so I did some planning and executing to a hard deadline, so that counts for something.
  • Make pants. I did! They even made it to my top 5!
  • Make a new smooth dance dress Everything was cancelled and I lost my steam for getting this done, as well as my sewjo for a big chunk of the year.
  • Make a coat. I made a bomber jacket, so partial credit.  
  • Go to more social sewing events! Lol.
Now on to the goals for 2021.
  1. Make jeans. I had planned on doing a pair of Morgan jeans as part of my entry for the Pattern Review wardrobe contest, but then I changed my plans.  So I have the pattern copy shop printed and ready to start.
  2. Make a new smooth dance dress. 
  3. Make a coat.
  4. Make a quilt.  I joined a block of the month group on Facebook and I'm getting kind of excited about it! 
  5. Start my Christmas sewing earlier in the year!