Pattern Emporium Palazzo Pants

Someone in one of my Facebook sewing groups posted their photos of the Pattern Emporium Palazzo Pants and I instantly fell in love with the high waisted, swooshy beauty of those pants.  So, when I was planning my makes for the Pattern Review Wardrobe contest, this was first on my list. 

I made a size 16. I am at the top of the range for this size and considered making the 18, but I'm so glad I didn't. For reference, my measurements are 45", 34", 45" and I'm 5' 9".  The pattern has cutting lines for petite, regular and tall on the pattern.  Since most of my height is in my legs, I cut the tall option, but then ended up cutting off enough so that next time I'll just cut the regular length.

I used a lovely Black Polyester/Lycra Brushed-Back Scuba Knit from Fabric Mart. It has a gorgeous drape and swishing around in these pants feels quite luxurious!

The pdf pattern itself gets a demerit because it relies on a color printer to distinguish the sizes. So if you are like me and only have a B&W printer, you either have to carefully follow your size or use the layers feature. To be fair, there is some amount of coloration difference, but it's often hard to see in the areas that are busy with a lot of lines.

I wanted these to be at my natural waist, so I tied elastic around my waist and measured from the front of the elastic, between my legs to the back elastic and compared that to the pattern. My measurement was 4" greater than the pattern, including waistband. So I added 2" each to the front and back rise, below the pocket on the front and a similar position in the back. I also originally added 1" to the yoga waistband piece (adding ½" to the waistband,) but after trying the pants on before adding the waistband, I determined that I didn't need that extra height in the waistband and cut off that extra inch before attaching.

The sew was pretty quick. I made it in a day, with the bulk of my time in cutting and altering the pattern. I made the high waisted, "subtle" flair pants (it's really only subtle in comparison to the dramatic flare option.) The finished pants fit perfectly in the waist and flare out nicely. They are very comfy to wear and will look nice with a crop or close fitting top, which is probably the only way I'll wear them.  I already have one other fabric lined up to make another pair.


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