Pattern Emporium Lounge Dress

After I made the Pattern Emporium Palazzo Pants, I got an email announcing the release of a new pattern, the Lounge Dress.  I liked the look and since I was so happy with the Palazzo Pants, I figured I'd give it a try and use it as one of the two allowed dresses for the Pattern Review Wardrobe contest.

The pattern has several different options.  I chose the relaxed neckline, regular hem, long sleeves with pockets, of course.

I made a straight size 16 based on the finished measurements because I didn't want as much ease as is built into the pattern. For reference, my measurements are 45", 34", 45" and I'm 5' 9".  I am pleased with the fit.  It's cute, comfy and easy to wear, but I don't feel like I'm swimming in fabric.

I used a scuba fabric from my stash and it wasn't quite wide enough to cut the long sleeves, so I cut them an inch shorter to make it fit and increased the cuff width by an inch to make up the difference.  I also decided to cut the cuffs on the diagonal for a bit of interest.

I will likely make a couple more of these.  The only change I would make is I would add another inch to the long sleeves.


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