Jennifer Lauren Vintage Quincy

I love the look of shirt dresses, but I have always had a problem with button strain across my bust in RTW, thus I've avoided wearing anything button up my entire adult life.  So, my ToSew list has included making a shirt dress that fits properly for some time.  I own a few Jennifer Lauren Vintage patterns, but I hadn't made any of them yet.  I thought the Quincy would fit that bill nicely and it has a lot of potential for hackability for future versions.

My measurements currently are 44, 34, 44, so I decided to go with the size 16 D cup with a 2" FBA.  I find with woven patterns, I tend to have better luck doing an FBA rather than grading up a size at the bust.  It did feel frustrating that even though the pattern has cup sizes, I STILL have to add even more room for the girls.  But I'm well versed in this by now, so it was only a minor frustration -- more of an annoyance, really.

I had 3 yards of this linen/cotton floral from Fabric Mart that I decided to use for a wearable muslin.  I didn't plan out my pattern placement and just cut it out the way everything fit best, which was a mistake because the two front bodice pieces are too similar and it kinda drives me crazy having that close repeat.

The dress has some really nice details.  I like that you cut out two yoke pieces so that the right side of the fabric is also on the inside and you use the burrito method to have a clean finished back neckline.  It also gives me a nice place to sew my tag.

I wanted to try to pick up the blue in the fabric for the buttons, so I made a trip to JoAnn.  My husband always laughs at me when we go to JoAnn because I am usually frustrated with my options and this time wasn't any different.  But I did find some blue buttons that I didn't hate.  But I also don't love them.

I chose to use grommets for the drawstring openings and I clearly need to practice more with installing grommets or maybe I just need better tools.

I decided to use a cute little flower decorative stitch for the topstitching on the pocket edge and the sleeve cuff. It blends in with the fabric, so it's pretty subtle, but I just love that little detail.

I used hem facing for the hem.  I like having that little bit of lace detail on the inside of the skirt.

The dress came together very quickly and I finished it in just one day, after the pieces sat cut on my sewing table for months.

Overall, the dress fits pretty well.  I needed to reduce the seam allowance of the bodice side seams by 1/8" at the bust, and I've already modified the pattern piece to include that in my next version of this dress.

After I saw the photos, I noticed there is quite a bit of gaping at the back neckline, so that's something I need to fix on the next version.  I also seem to need a small swayback adjustment because there is some pooling at my lower back.

I think the little notch on the sleeve cuff is adorable!

I will definitely be making this dress again in the future.


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