Priscilla, Queen of the Mesa

I've been going back and writing up posts about my previous Seamwork Mesa makes and this is one of my most fabulous ones.

My dance studio does a little event about every 6 months called a Spotlight Ball.  The main feature of this event is the Spotlight Challenge.  The way this works is, you pay for 5 lessons to put together a routine that fits whatever the theme is for the event and then everyone entered performs their routine and then everyone attending votes on the winner.  The winner gets their 5 lesson package free for the next Spotlight ball so they can defend their title.

This particular Spotlight Ball back in April 2018 had the theme of Oscar Winning Movies.  So, I picked Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.  I wanted to use this cool Berry Pink/Black Poly/Nylon Laser Cut Scales Knit with Hologram Dots that I got from Fabric Mart back in April 2016.  And I wanted to feature large, fabulous sleeves.  So I started with the Seamwork Mesa and modified the neckline to be a boat neck.

Then I just laid out the sleeve piece and cut the sleeve head exact, but then made the actual sleeve extra wide and dramatic.  I kinda just eyeballed it and got lucky with my first try

Trying the dress on after one sleeve was done to test it out.
I lined the dress with a black tricot, so the neckline has a nice, clean finish and I also don't have to worry about wearing something underneath.

I didn't hem anything.  So, this was a pretty quick make.  Not that the Mesa takes very long anyway.

Dress rehearsal!
In the excitement of these events, I usually forget to stop and make sure good photos are taken.  So, here are the only ones I got while I still had my wig and makeup on.  I'm sorry for the terrible quality!  That's my instructor, Yaunique, but he already changed out of his drag outfit.

And now, here's the video of my performance.  Spoiler alert: I won this challenge.

After the performance, wig off, wine in hand, waiting for the results.


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