MMM week 3

Here are my week 3 outfits.

Sunday, May 15

Again, I didn't leave the house and I just lounged around sewing and planning.  I cut out a red Lady Skater with a full lining for the May Monthly Stitch challenge, and I thought it would be a quick make, but I messed up trying to get fancy with the sleeve insertion and I have a lot of stitching to rip out now.  I've not had a chance to get it done during the day when the light is good.  But I identified a problem that I need to resolve -- better lighting in my living room next to where I want to sit and do the hand work (ripping, catch stitching, etc.)

Now what you've been anxiously awaiting, the awesome work bathroom selfies for the week.

Monday, May 16

Sew Straight and Gather Uptown/Downtown dress.  This was the wearable muslin I made from some Girl Charlee (affiliate link) flawed bargain lot fabric.  I love this dress, but the fabric is very thin, so I have to wear a slip with it.  I should have fully lined it.

Tuesday, May 17

This is a self drafted 6 panel skirt.  I had this fabric from some point in my way-back past and I think there was about a yard and a half.  I calculated a pattern for a 6 panel circle skirt, but I didn't have enough fabric for that, so I trimmed the edges down until I could fit 6 panels onto my fabric, matching the plaid horizontally.

I pretty much always wear this skirt with this Coheed and Cambria concert tee because the colors match really well and also because I love to promote my favorite band.

Wednesday, May 18

Polka dotted GreenStyle Creations Laurel.

Thursday, May 19

SisBoom Megan with a nice 70s vibe.  I got many compliments on this dress.  One from a guy at work and many from people at my dance studio.  I think maybe that was because it's so short!  I did wear a pair of white Old Navy shorts underneath, even at work, just to feel confident I wouldn't flash anyone.

Now that I've actually worn it, I have some additional thoughts that didn't occur to me when I wrote up my original blog post.  I like the bell sleeves, but as you can see in the photo, you can often see the inside of the sleeve, which just bothers me for some reason.  And the construction method of the sleeves calls for a bias strip sewn to the sleeve up in the bicep area to make a casing for the elastic.  I think if I were to make this dress again with the bell sleeves, I would make the upper sleeve and lower sleeve two separate pieces and sew them together to create the elastic casing and line the lower sleeve so that it would look good from any angle.

Friday, May 20

My very first Lady Skater dress.

Saturay, May 14

Seamwork Moji.  I'm not very fond of these pants and I think the fabric I used makes them look like hospital scrubs, but I wore them to brunch on this chilly morning.  The place we went to is partially open and a cool breeze would waft in occasionally, so I stayed all bundled up the entire time.


  1. I'm just about to stick my pattern for these together :) I love the design.... I see in another post that you are doing Weight Watchers Hope this is going well for you I joined 4 months ago with my daughter and have lost 10.5 kgs so am very happy :) Now to keep it off !! always the hard bit :(

    1. Yay! I'm really glad you've had great success with weight watchers. Keep up the great work! I've been attending a weight watchers at work group since I started this job. I wasn't great about following the program and I knew I'd be that way, but I like the support and ideas from our group. Since it's at work, I have that support even when it's not a meeting day, which is awesome.

      I actually have had much better luck losing weight through a program I entered in Feb at my local hospital. I follow their plan, which is basically high protein, low carbs. I think it technically also follows the WW plan, but it makes it easier for me to follow when I'm given a max carb amount per day and a min protein amount. Just counting points meant I ended up eating more carbs than I should, which made me hungry sooner, which then led to be breaking my daily limit more often than I do when I concentrate on how much protein vs. carbs I'm consuming. I think it makes more sense to my brain, plus I really do feel less hungry and have fewer cravings than any other diet I've been on before.


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