MMM Week 4

I didn't include this as part of my original pledge, but I'm trying to see I can go the entire month without repeating outfits.  I've made it so far, but barely and only because I've made a couple dresses during the month.

Here are my week 3 outfits.

Sunday, May 22

I think you can start to see a trend here.  Sunday's are my lazy days.  I often do go out to brunch or something, but this month so far, we haven't been.

On to the bad work bathroom selfies for the week.

Monday, May 23

Greenstyle Laurel cut at the shorter length with RTW leggings.

Tuesday, May 24

Today I'm wearing my second Ottobre Optic Flowers dress I raised the waistline piece about an inch and I think it sits better than the first one.  Although, my preference would be for it to be even higher.  But then it wouldn't be a dropped waist dress anymore.  Lol.

Wednesday, May 25

This is another Lady Skater that I made at the end of last year.

Thursday, May 26

This is a Seamwork Mesa that I wasn't pleased with.  But since I've lost a little weight, I think it looks better on me now.  But I still probably won't be making anymore of these.

Friday, May 27

Butterick 5950 that I made last summer while I was unemployed. 

Saturay, May 28

Saturday we went up to Port Moody, BC to watch my daughter's lacrosse game.   She's been playing goalie since she was little and Canada has women's indoor lacrosse leagues that we don't have here in the states, at least not in Washington.  She was playing in the upper age division because their goalie got a concussion and is out for the rest of the season.  She had 36 shots on her goal and didn't let a single one in.  She told me afterwards that no one thought they would win against this team and the captain was preparing her for a horrible loss.  But her team won 3-0.

This photo was taken at a sushi restaurant my husband and I went to before the game.  Not the best photo of my outfit, but in all the excitement I forgot to have him take more.  I'm wearing black RTW leggings that you can't see, with a Love Notions Laundry Day Tee that I made with a white and black pinstripe fabric that I dyed purple.


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