Ottobre Optic Flowers

A few weeks ago I made a wearable muslin of the Optic Flowers design from the Ottobre 2/2015 issue.

I made a straight 52 exactly as the pattern is drafted.  After I made it up, the back bodice was pooling around my badonkadonk, so I shortened the middle of the back bodice about an inch and graded out to nothing at the side seams.

It's hard to see, but this is where the waist piece sits when I pull the back down to where it is supposed to be.

Here is where it goes after I've moved around and the waist piece goes where it naturally wants to.

I'll shorten the entire bodice a bit on the next version and lengthen the skirt to make up the difference.

I also took the side seams in quite a bit.  I marked all these adjustments on the pattern so the next one I make should fit better right from the start.

For some crazy reason, I decided to play with my decorative stitches on my machine for the sleeve and skirt hems.

It is subtle but I think it adds a very awesome touch.  I will likely be doing this for other dresses in the future.

I've been wearing it to run around and do errands and tool around the house.  When I first made it, I thought it was too short for me to feel comfortable wearing, "for real," but I really like it and I already know what fabric I'm using for the next one.


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