Adventures in dyeing

I've been purchasing a couple knitfix bags from Girl Charlee the last few months.  It's fun to get random fabrics that I wouldn't normally try.  I've gotten some fun stuff.

I've gotten a lot of white fabrics that I wouldn't really wear, so I've been planning to do some dyeing for a while.  Here are some before photos.  Not the best, but you can get the idea.

White shells and seahorses on white cotton jersey knit

Black dots on white cotton spandex knit

White green daisy on white cotton jersey knit

Black vertical small stripe on white cotton jersey knit

Didn't have a before of the bags I dyed, but it looked like this except the design was printed in red instead of purple.

I used a large cat litter bucket in the bath tub.  I filled it about half way up with hot water from the tap, one cup of salt and 6 Tbsp of violet Rit dye and 2 Tbsp of Navy Blue.  I dyed the white on white shells and seahorses in this dye bath along with one of the bags from June.

After I was done, i removed the fabric then added 2 Tbsp of fuchsia to the color already in the bucket and I put the green and white daisies in.

Then I dumped the dye out and mixed a new batch with 1 cup of salt, 6 Tbsp of Navy blue Rit and 2 Tbsp of fuchsia then added the polka dots and small stripes and another of the June bags.

And here they are all dried.

I'm very pleased with how they turned out.  I had been hoping the ones on the right would have come out darker.  I'm wondering if leaving them in the dye longer would have helped or if I just needed more dye.  I like the color and I think next time I'll try the same ratio but with a higher concentration and see if that makes a difference.


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