Testing Dionne Duster

I got the opportunity to test the new Dionne Duster Cardigan from Sew Altered Style.  The pattern is described as follows:
The Dionne Duster is a perfect combination of comfort and drama. This duster-length cardigan completes any look and is great for fall or spring layering. Or make it sleeveless for a light summer layer. View A features dramatic balloon sleeves, a thick 2-inch band to finish the front, and generous slash pockets. View B has a narrower front band perfect for a button closure. Both views come with 3 lengths and multiple sleeve options. All views come in sizes 00-30, with the choice of either an A/B cup or C/D cup front bodice piece.

The pink version was a muslin of the view B cropped cardigan that I made from a 1½ yard cut of what seems to be double brushed poly that was part of a mystery bundle from Fabric Mart.  I used the C/D front and so the only change I made was to lengthen the sleeves by 3/4" to accommodate my super long, monkey arms, but it turned out that the sleeves for that view were pretty long, so I didn't even need to do that.  I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the C/D cup option actually included my bust size.  Other patterns with multiple cup sizes that I've used still usually need a small FBA on the largest option for me, so it's nice to not have to do that for once.

I'm finding that this sweater clings to whatever I'm wearing underneath, so I need to remember to not try to make a layering piece out of DBP.  This was my first time ever using it, so I hadn't learned that lesson yet.

For my second version, I used a blue ponte that I've had in my stash for a while and have no idea where it came from.

For this one I made view A in the long cardigan length.  It has princess seams in the front and there's a generous pocket that is sewn into the princess and side seams.  I added a little decorative topstitching to my pocket for funsies.  The thread is a pretty close match to the fabric, so it's a subtle little detail that I enjoy.

Some drafting changes were made during the muslin testing round and I was a little slow to start, so I was able to incorporate all of the changes into my pattern before I cut the pink version.  But I wanted to be a good pattern tester and so I completely reprinted the pattern with all its edits for my second version and I didn't realize they had also shortened the sleeves by an inch until after I had already made my blue sweater and found the sleeves to be about 2" shorter than I would like.  You can see how much of my wrist isn't covered when I bend or lift my arm in the below photo.  I grew up never being able to get clothes to cover my wrists or ankles, so it drives me extra crazy that I missed the sleeve shortening edit and didn't know to correct it.  The entire point of sewing my own clothes is to get a better fit than I can get with RTW!

There is some strange thing happening in the back, but I'm not really sure what.  The pink one kinda has it too, but I didn't manage to get any photos that show it, mostly because it just clings to what I'm wearing underneath.  I don't know if I need to take it in or do a swayback adjustment or what.  Any insight here would be helpful!

My in-laws are visiting from Colorado (they were lucky enough to get out of Denver before the big snow storm paralyzed the city!)  They rented a house on Vashon Island for us all to go to for Thanksgiving weekend.  I thought maybe we could get some fun photos on the ferry to the island, but it was too windy and most of them were just terrible!  I did get a couple that I thought were kinda cute, even though they don't really show off the sweaters very well.

The Dionne Duster Cardigan is available now and is included in Sew Altered Style's Black Friday sale.  All patterns are 30% off through Cyber Monday.  After that, Dionne will be 20% off through Sunday Dec. 8.  No coupon codes needed.

The house we are staying on is right on the water.  I brought a few more things to photograph while we're here, so hopefully we'll have some good weather so you can see a few more posts on the beach and from in and around this cool house built in 1918.


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