Seamwork Kenedy

When the Seamwork Kenedy came out, I thought the dress was cute, but I'm not always comfortable with having my upper arms so exposed, so I passed.  Then, a couple weeks later, Seamwork put out the bonus flutter sleeve, so the pattern made it to my ToSew list.  Last year, when I was making a few things to take to Hawaii, it finally made it to my sewing table.

My first version was out of a chevron challis that I got from Fashion Fabrics Club and the only change I made was that I added 4" to the length. 

But it was evident from the pulling I get in the bust, especially seen from the view of the back, that I did actually need a full bust adjustment (FBA.)  I really don't know why I ever think I can get away without one in a woven dress!

So, I did a 2" FBA for the next version.

For this version, I also used a challis, with some floral images that make me think of postcards.  I don't remember where this one came from.

For this version, I added a couple beads I had lying around to the ties.  I like that little detail, but I quickly realized that it means it's not the best choice of dress to dance in.  

The fit is much better now and will likely make this pattern again in the future.  It's a loose silhouette that I don't normally like to wear, but it's great for those hot days, which we've been getting more and more of up here during our Seattle summers.

I wore both dresses on my vacation, but I only seem to have a photo of me wearing the first one.  And with a cute island boy at a luau, no less!


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