A Painted Perry

When I made my camouflage Seamwork Perry, I liked it so much that I immediately cut out another one from a cotton Spandex knit from a previous Girl Charlee* knitfix fabric.

I couldn't do pattern matching when cutting the dress out, so I decided to just cut it out however I could then I used some Jacquard Textile Color* to paint colored stripes onto the fabric to try to mask the pattern mismatch.

I started painting the pieces way back in May.  I did some additional painting some time after that, but then I finally just finished it a couple days ago.  After it was all dried, I heat set it with the iron following the directions.

I cut bodice lining pieces from the same black cameo thermal knit fabric I used to line my Fabricista sweater dress.

I liked the elastic loop and button I used for the camo Perry, so I decided to do that again.  Since I planned this before sewing the dress together, I basted a loop of elastic that I'd colored with a blue Sharpie to the back bodice piece before sewing the shell and lining together at the neckline so that the raw ends are enclosed.  Then sewed on a blue button the finish the closure.

Also I couldn't find a couple pieces - the front pocket piece and the sleeve cuffs.  I swear I cut them out, but it's been so long and they aren't with the other pieces, so either I'm remembering wrong or they got lost.  So, I cut the missing pocket piece from that same black cameo knit and instead of replacing the sleeve cuff with a different fabric, I just hemmed the sleeve 1" to create a channel then cut pieces of 1/2" elastic and fed it through the channel.

I also sewed all of the vertical seams with 5/8" seam allowance instead of 3/8" to try to size the dress down a bit.

I'm not super happy with the fit of the waist elastic.  I followed the instructions and cut the elastic to my waist measurement minus 2".  But I must have stretched it out while installing it, because the waist doesn't have as much definition as my camo one.

There are a few spots where I missed fully applying the color.  When I started with the blue, I was trying to go for a hand painted look, so the missed spots were a feature.  But now that it's all put together, those spots are a little distracting to me.  Also, some of the coloring between the pieces don't quite match shades, or the color lines across the seams aren't exact.  So I may end up doing another pass of the painting.  Although, I am pretty happy with how it looks as is.

*affiliate link - I gotta try to help support my sewing habit somehow.


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