MMM 16 wrap up

I'm a little late on this post.  This past week+ has been hectic and I haven't had time for nearly all the things I had hoped to do.  But better late than never.

First, I have one more outfit to show.  I didn't leave the house or get dressed either the 29th or the 30th, so I only have the one bad work bathroom selfie for the 31st to close out Me Made May '16.

Tuesday, May 31

This is the Rose Red Lady Skater that I made during MMM.

Lessons Learned 

  • I really do like to make (and wear) dresses, mostly knits.  I work in an industry where I can wear jeans/shorts and tees everyday, and I did for many years.  But last year, at my previous job, I started wearing one or two of the dresses I made to work each week.  When I quit my job last summer, I had a lot of free time to sew and by the time I started my new job in September, I had enough dresses to wear them almost every day.  Knit dresses are comfortable to wear and I feel like they look better on my shape than jeans and tees.
  • I need cardigans and leggings!  When the weather is a little cooler, I find I need to reach for RTW leggings and sweaters, so I need to start making some of those to help fill out my wardrobe.
  • I find it difficult to tell people I made my outfit.  There are some people at work, specifically the ladies in my weight watchers group, who know I make a lot of my own clothes and will usually ask me, "did you make that?"  But when I get a random compliment about what I'm wearing, I usually just say, "Thanks."  I wonder if I should say that I made it and if my husband is with me, he'll brag on me that way.  Do other people have that internal conflict when they get a compliment on a me-made item?

Wrap Up

I'm really glad I participated in Me Made May '16.  And I actually met my goal.  I even had a few more options that I could have worn if I hadn't been so lazy on the weekends.  That actually surprised me.  I'll definitely be planning on participating next year too!


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