Last hurrah for 2015

I haven't been posting much.  Mainly I think it's because I haven't gotten much chance to get some good photos, which is also evident ink
I had some vacation time to burn before the end of the year and my company takes a holiday break, so I've had the last 2 weeks off.  I started out strong, sewing 3 new dresses in the first 2 days.  But then my husband and I started watching Orphan Black and we binge watched the heck out of that.

Lady Skater with some custom holiday fabric from Aqua Splash Customs.

Lady Skater out of a knitfix fabric.  It's fully lined with a gray cotton from my stash.

Optic Flowers from the Ottobre 2/2015 issue.

My wedding anniversary is December 31st, so I was planning to wear the purple and blue wine glass dress.  But then Fabric Mart had this 70% off velvet sale and of course I had to look.  I picked up a few things, one of which was a dark blue ogee-like embossed velvet for $3.50/yd.  I got my standard 3 yards since most of the dresses I make can work with 3 yards.  And when it arrived I fell in love and knew it needed to be my new favorite dress.  So on December 30th and part of the 31st I whipped out this gorgeous Sew Straight and Gather Uptown/Downtown dress.

Uptown/Downtown dress in an embossed blue velvet.

I fully lined it with a royal blue knit from my stash.  My husband loves this dress and so do I.  We wandered over to the hotel where we had our wedding party photos done and had a couple photos taken together.  My eyes glow strangely in his camera phone shots and I don't know how to fix those, especially since I pretty much only use my phone these days.

We were doing timer photos with the phone propped up on a pillow when a young lady came along and offered to take our photo for us.  The timer was going when she offered and resulted in this, my favorite photo of the night.

I previously made a wearable muslin of the Uptown/Downtown dress on my birthday earlier in December and loved it, although the fabric I used was super thin and I have to wear a slip or something under it.

Sew Straight and Gather Uptown/Downtown dress.

There are a couple minor fit issues I need to address that were more evident in the blue velvet version, but as drafted it fits well and looks nice.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's Eve.  Happy New Year!


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