A couple more GreenStyle Laurels

I really like my blue polka dotted Laurel.  So I made a couple more.

The first one I used the seashells and seahorses fabric that I dyed purple a while back.  It's a thicker cotton knit, where the blue and white polka dots was a soft, drapey rayon lycra blend.  So I was curious how that cowl neck would do.

It's hard to really see in the above photo, here's a selfie where you can really see the cowl.

I just didn't like how it draped in this fabric, so I took it out and put in just a neck band instead.

I like it way better this way.  I've worn it a couple times.

But, I've been thinking I need a shorter version of this dress.  So my next version uses the shorter length of the pattern.  Well, I should have known better.  I'm pretty tall and the shorter version was several inches shorter.  So yeah, I now have a very lovely tunic.  I don't have any action shots though.  Just on my dress form.

I love this fabric and I'm sad that I don't have a wearable dress out of it.  But it does look cute with leggings, which is how I wore it to the Pink Martini concert.  Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get any photos.

I'm sure there will be more versions of this dress coming in the future too.


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