12th Man Seamwork Mojave

I decided some time ago that I was going to go to Ocean Shores for the 12's Fan Fest weekend to celebrate the end of NotFootball season with other Seahawk fans.

When planning my wardrobe for the weekend, I knew I had lots of jerseys and t-shirts I could wear, but i wanted something a bit more special.  Now, I have my Seahawks Lady Skater Dress, but that would only get me through one day.

I decided to try to sew up a Seamwork Mojave in some Hawks colors in my stash.

The green is some sort of poly blend woven and the blue is a cotton broadcloth.  I drew up my sketch with my awesome art skills.

It was a pretty easy pattern to cut out.  My only problem is that the pieces are too long for my cutting mat, but that was easily fixed by just using my scissors on the bit that hung over.

While I was sewing up the green panels in the front, I got the idea that it would be a good place to add a little pizzazz.  So I tested out some of my decorative stitches on a couple scraps of the green with my blue thread.

It was a tough decision, but this is the one I decided on:

Then I sewed the rest of it up according to the directions.

I wore it today as a swimsuit cover-up on the way to the hotel pool.  

It's definitely not anything I could wear by itself as a dress.  It also just didn't look good with any of my tanks under it.  But it looks cute as a cover-up.  I'm pretty pleased with how it came out overall.  My measurements were right on the border between 20 and 22, so I went with the bigger size.  I could easily get away with the 20, I think.

I've decided that I'm going to attempt to put a little elastic in the back waistline at some point after I get home to see if that helps give it a bit more shape.

It was fun to add a little decoration to a cute item.  I need to go back and make all the previous Seamwork patterns now, since I've made two so far that I'm happy with.  (The other is still unblogged because I need to figure out a design detail that I'm adding.)


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