Teal blue prism squares Lady Skater wearable muslin

This was my first Lady Skater dress by Kitschy Coo.  I made it back in early November.  I bought this fabric pretty cheap from Girl Charlee, and they not only still have it, but it's even cheaper at only $1.50/yd!  I bought some more in a different color.

 It says it's slightly flawed, but the cut I got only had visible flaws along the selvages, so it wasn't bad at all to use for a wearable muslin.  It's a little thin and kind of sticks together a bit, but I'm happy with the way the dress looks made out of it.  These photos were taken before I hemmed the dress.

I took this photo to remind myself to watch for pattern matching on the cuffs, which I didn't even pay any attention to while I was cutting it out.  

I made the size 8 exactly as is.  My next version will have a few adjustments - narrowing the shoulders and shortening the bodice to have the waist fall closer to my natural waist.

Here are a couple photos of it on my dress form.


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